10 Ways to be Kind to a Stranger

10 Ways to be Kind to a Stranger

Hey everyone! I’m Pam and I blog at The Coastie Couple with my husband. I’ve known Cate for quite a while now and I’m excited to be a guest today on the blog. With so much negativity in the world lately, I thought I’d focus on small ways we can help others on a daily basis.

1. Hold a door for someone, especially if their hands are full.

2. Offer to help someone get something off the shelf. (As a short girl, I appreciate it when people offer to help me reach the items on the top!)

3. Clean through your clutter and donate the items you no longer need to a Goodwill, Animal Shelter, Orphanage, etc. Check with local organizations to see what they’re looking for and how you can help. It definitely beats filling our landfills.

4. Smile at a stranger. A smile is still a powerful thing.

5. Pay it forward at the register by paying ahead for the next customer.

6. Allow someone to go in front of you in the line at the store – especially if they only have a couple of items in their hands.

7. Compliment others on their clothing, hairstyle, or other feature that you like. Make sure it’s a genuine compliment that comes from the heart though.

8. Offer to help clean up after someone hosts a party or invites you over for dinner. Even if there’s no way you can help, the host will appreciate the offer.

9. Volunteer with a local organizations. Animal shelters, museums, libraries, nursing homes, and many other places often have ways that you can volunteer and help out.

10. Keep an eye out for ways you can help others. Most people appreciate it when you randomly offer help in a situation.

11. Since Cate’s blog is all about crafting, I’m throwing in one last extra! Craft for a cause by donating an item that you make to others!

What your favorite ways to show kindness to others? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!!

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