31 Places to Visit in Low Country SC and Coastal GA- Savannah River Street

River Street is a major part of Savannah. It’s where you can sit and watch the ships going into port, walk along the Savannah River, get a bit to eat or a drink, and shop!

RCGG Low Country SC and Coastal GA

There is so much to River Street in Savannah Georgia. Walking along the river and watching the tug boats going out to meet an incoming ship and then waiting for the ship to come into port are our favorite thing to do on River Street.

Another favorite place to visit on River Street is River Street Sweets. OMG!! BEST PLACE EVER! If you like candy, fudge, pralines, or ice cream then this is the place for you! You can find all sorts of vintage candy from your childhood here! You can watch them make salt water taffy and pralines! The taffy flies from the sky so watch out! Haha! When the taffy is wrapped they use a belt to put it in the bins for sale. It falls from the sky and there are signs that say watch for falling taffy. If you catch a piece you get a free sample. They also give out samples of the pralines. I love getting a fresh off the slab praline. It is so warm and gooey!

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