Cat Takeover in Savannah

Hey! It’s Ollie and Peachy again! We decided that it was time for a Cat Takeover. Did you hear that we moved to Savannah GA? It was a long trip from Atlanta, but we made it. We are getting used to our new routine and schedule! We like exploring our new home and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. We like being able to sit on the couch and chair. Ollie watches Gilmore Girls on Netflix with Mommy during the day While I (Peachy) nap. I get to come out and play when Daddy gets home from work. The little girl upstairs is always running around. She’s three. There’s this dog in the apartment downstairs that’s always barking. He’s so annoying when we are trying to sleep! Other than the barking dog we really like our new home. We are enjoying all the boxes that have been unpacked because it’s like a cat fort! Haha! You know how it goes, I fit I sit!








We really like Savannah! It’s a fun place to live!


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4 Responses to Cat Takeover in Savannah

  1. Ah, I love cats. Missing my fur babies at home.

  2. Anne says:

    Nothing quite like moving! It turns a cat’s house into big box heaven! Enjoy that while it lasts 😉

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