Christmas Decoration Marathon Day 21

Are you still recovering from Thanksgiving?   I certainly still am.  We had a great time in Indiana at N’s sister’s house.  Today I am sharing another wreath from Martha Stewart.  This one is a glass ball wreath. 

Glass Ball Wreath

1. Wrap the form in a layer of golden seam binding, tacking the loose end with a bit of craft glue.To create the ornament bunches, we recommend using balls specially made with wire stems already attached. But you can add a stem of 20-gauge floral wire to a standard glass ball with a dab of hot glue and a tight wrapping of floral tape.

2. Form tight bunches from a handful of wired ornaments; bind them together with floral tape. Working in a clockwise direction, join each bunch to the wreath form with a wrapping of floral tape, followed by a decorative covering of seam binding.

3. When you have covered nearly all the wreath, the last few bunches can be attached by simply slipping them under the first set. Their stems will need to be cut relatively short to fit.The balls will tend to shift around when the wreath is hung, so you may want to steady them with small dollops of hot glue. You can fill in any gaps by gluing in additional small balls.

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