Christmas Decoration Marathon Last Day!

Well, today is the last day of the Christmas decoration marathon.  I hope you enjoyed finding out how to make so many new crafts to decorate your home.  I have definitly enjoyed sharing them with you. 
Since today is the last day, I am sharing this sign and wreath that I made.
 I found this sign at the Carbondale Illinois Hobby Lobby in July when N and I went to visit my parents.  I painted the words on it last night.  I did have the “i” with just a dot over it, but then I thought it might look better with a star over it.  I was SO right.  It looks great.  I am going to put it on our back door.
This wreath still needs a gold bow.  I got a wreath and the flowers at Target.  You can’t really see in the picture, but I also got some gold sequin strands in it too.  The gold bow will be going in between the bottom white and dark red flowers.
I will be showing you gift ideas starting tomorrow.
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