Fabric Scrap Wreath

Are you college football fans? We bleed Georgia red and black in our house and today I’m sharing this adorable fabric scrap wreath I made for college football season. You can use any team colors, but like I said we are Bulldogs in this house so I went with red and black

Here’s what you need:
a wire wreath form
two or more colors of fabric
wooden plaque and letters (optional)

Take your fabric and cut it into strips. I didn’t measure mine but if you would like to measure them then decide what size you would like and cut them to size.

I didn’t get a picture of the next step but it is pretty self explanatory. Tie the strips onto your wire wreath form until it is full and fluff it out! This didn’t take as long as I thought it would! I watched baseball on Saturday and Sunday afternoons with Mr. RCGG while tying fabric strips!

Next I painted the outer edge of my wooden plaque red and then center black. The letters were painted white. I also took a pencil eraser and dipped it in red and black paint to make polka dots on the letters.


I attached the letters to the plaque with glue dots and separated a spot on the wreath form so that I could hot glue the plaque to it. I’m going to be honest with you! The hot glue didn’t stick very well, so I was going to use some E6000 glue. I didn’t have any. So I used duct tape to attach it. It sticks, but not very well. I still need to get the E6000 glue and reattach the plaque to the wreath.



 The best thing about this wreath is that you can make it for any season or sport! Football, baseball, summer, spring, winter! Whatever you want it to be!

I hope you enjoyed how I made my fabric scrap wreath! I certainly enjoyed making it and I know it will be on our door all through University of Georgia football season and maybe longer!



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4 Responses to Fabric Scrap Wreath

  1. Really cute Cate, I love making wreaths.

  2. Trish says:

    That wreath is really cut. So you are a UGA fan… huh? I am from Georgia but I am a FSU fan. Although…nothing against those Bulldogs.

    • RCGG says:

      We are UGA fans in this house! Besides baseball, that’s the only sports team anyone in this house agrees on! Our NFL tastes are all over the place! Haha!

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