Homemade Non Alcoholic Bailey’s

Today, Alison from Life a Little Brighter is sharing he non alcoholic Bailey’s recipe with us!




I know what you’re thinking.


Why on earth would I want my Bailey’s to be non-alcoholic?? I hear you, I swear.


But what if, say, you had pregnant relatives at your holidays festivities? *cough* sister-in-law They would be so appreciative that you thought of them! And maybe give you dibs on holding the newborn.


Plus, you can drink as much of this yummy beverage as you want any time of the day and feel quite merry. I know, I tested it out.


It’s such a simple recipe.

2 Tablespoons of Irish Cream syrup per 1 cup of vanilla almond milk



Why not regular milk? Because the vanilla flavoring adds so much more… and of course, use the sweetened variety.


For the Irish Cream kick, this syrup does the trick.



Also, good in coffee, ice cream….. you get the picture. Yum! Good stuff to have around.


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Nice to meet you all! And thanks for having me, Cate!

unnamedThanks so much for sharing this recipe with us Alison! I hope you have a great holiday season! =)

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