July Operation Be More Crafty

Sometimes I have these ideas in my head that may not make sense to anyone but me! Right now, I am waiting for a rubber band I painted to dry. YES I PAINTED A RUBBER BAND! That’s how you know you are that crazy crafter!

I know what I am doing!

 I love putting scrapbook paper on composition notebooks. I have so many of the that I’m going to have to start doing something with the finished ones.

Anyways,  I had this thought that I could staple this rubber band I have laying around to the back cover and then I would have this cool looking notebook that would stay closed when I put too much into it!

So I put some polka dot paper onto the notebook and then some polka dot ribbon on to the black part.  I thought it might be too much polka dots, but Mr. RCGG told me it wasn’t so I went with it!

I’m in the process of all this still so that is why there are no pictures just yet! I am stenciling a cute quote on to it too! You will have to see what it looks like when I am all done! I think it is going to be really cute!

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