Making Your Apartment Home- Pops of Color

Apartment walls are usually white. There’s some complexes that allow you to paint, but it can be expensive. There’s ways to bring in color to your apartment without painting your walls.

Adding color to your apartment without painting is easy. You can use throw pillows, throw blankets, your furniture, and so many other ideas.

I’m still figuring out some of the color pops that I want to use in our apartment. Our main colors are neutrals. The tans and beige colors.

In our master bedroom our color pops are an orange-ish red and blues. I’ll have a master bedroom post later in the month.

Our living room has reds and blues as well. There’s a little bit of black and purple too because I have a pillow cover that was my grandma’s.

There’s so many colors to choose from when adding those color pops to your apartment. It’s all up to you on what you like. If I had my way everything would be pink, but Mr. RCGG said no to that one!

What colors do you have as your pops of color? Tell me in the comments or share a picture on my facebook page!


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