Making a Date Night Jar- A Valentine Craft

Making a date night jar is so simple you will want to make them for special days with everyone. Not just your spouse! Your date night jar can be for dates with your friends as well!

 Do you have date nights with your spouse or significant other? I think having a date night is  very important. it keeps your love alive and you explore new things to do in your area!

To make your date night jar you will need:

A large jar
A list of date night ideas
Your list written or typed onto slips of paper
Washi tape

I used a large cleaned out pickle jar for my date night jar. Make sure you clean it very well so that you don’t have any lingering smells from whatever was in your jar. I ran mine through the dishwasher a few times and then scrubbed it with an SOS pad in between washings.

After I was sure the vinegar smell from the pickles was gone I started making a list of fun dates for Mr. RCGG and me to pick from at the beginning of every month!

There are some ideas that include a bit more planning than others and some that you might be able to do that very day you draw them out of the jar! Come up with ideas together. Make your list with things you both enjoy. As well as things that you enjoy separately. It is your list so talk about some ideas that the two of you would love to do as a date night.

After you have made your list, cut out the date ideas onto slips of paper. I typed mine out and then cut them apart. I folded them into as small pieces as I could and put them in the jar.

Add some Valentine’s Day washi tape around the outside of the jar to decorate it and make it look a little more festive.

It really is that simple! You don’t need a bunch of expensive craft items to make something like this! You could use a Cricut and add some vinyl but I think simple is best sometimes! =)

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