Mushroom Risotto

Today I asked Jeanette from Jia and the Stars to share a recipe


This is a dish that I like to make for myself , the others in the family is not fond of risotto. So I use to make this for lunch when I’m home alone and bring for lunch box to work:)

It takes under 30 min to make and it is so easy to do.


8-9 cups Vegetable broth

3 cups Risotto rice

1 shredded Onion

1-2 cup grated Cheese (your favorite cheese)

sliced Mushrooms

Do this:

Heat a sauce pan with a little oil. Add the onions inte the pan and let it fry a little bit, and then put in the mushrooms. Add the risotto rice and let it heat up.

Lower the temperature and start pour 1 cup broth in and stir and then you keep adding 1 cup broth when the rice has absorbed the broth.

When the risotto is done you can add the cheese in the end.


If you don’t like mushrooms one another combination you can do is spinach and mozzarella which is also very good.


Thank you so much for sharing this Jeanette! It looks very good!

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