Non-Traditional Holiday Meals

With the holidays coming up there are so many staple meals that we tend to have! On Thanksgiving we have turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, etc. On Christmas we tend to have ham, mashed potatoes, etc. These are the traditional meals. We don’t stray too far from the Thanksgiving traditions, however for Christmas we don’t have traditional meals. For today, I wanted to share some other non traditional holiday meals with a round up! Enjoy!

As I mentioned above, we don’t do the traditional Christmas dinner in our house! Last year was the first year we didn’t have the ham, mashed potatoes, etc. big holiday meal. With it being just the two of us we wanted something that I wasn’t in the kitchen all day cooking. We got a beef roast and put it in the crock pot on Christmas morning. I don’t like to put raw meat in the crock pot so Mr. RCGG seared it up a little bit the night before. Anyway, I put the beef roast in the crock pot on Christmas morning and let it cook until it fell apart. Then I sprinkled a packet of dry Italian dressing seasoning on  it and mixed it into the meat. I let it cook until about an 30-45 minutes before we were ready to eat and then added another packet of the seasoning to it. While that was finishing up I made the mashed potatoes. Italian beef has become our Christmas dinner tradition! It is so easy and so good!

Today, I’m sharing other non-traditional holiday meals! I hope you enjoy them!

Jollof Rice Recipes from a Pantry shares how you can bring a little bit of South Africa into your home this holiday season!

Jollof Rice

Mississippi Pot Roast recipe from The Cozy Cook shares some great tips for making pot roast as well as the recipe!
Mississippi Pot Roast

This homemade alfredo sauce sounds from The Anthony Kitchen so good!

I have not had pork loin with apples before, but it sounds so good!

Bobby Flay is probably one of the best known Iron Chef’s on Food Network! This meatball recipe looks so good and incredibly easy!

Do you LOVE garlic? I do but too much of it makes me gag. This garlic herb roast looks so good!

Just in case we have some vegan readers I decided to include this cauliflower and lentil loaf. 

Lobster stew is a very non-traditional meal for the holidays. At least it is to me! Haha!

Homemade Mac and Cheese is amazing! So much better than from the box and when you make it from a loved one’s recipe it makes it so much better!

Sometimes it is worth skipping the big huge meal on a holiday and going with something simple. As we go into the last week before Christmas I encourage you to try something new for your holiday meal this year! You never know if you will create a new tradition!

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