31 Places to Visit in Coastal GA and Low Country SC- Brunswick GA

Today starts the write 31 days challenge. Over the month of October I’m sharing some places in Coastal Georgia and Low Cuntry South Carolina. Some of these places I may have talked about several times before, like St. Simon’s Island and Jekyll Island. There’s definitely a few new places that I will tell you about this month. I’ll share some history, things to do, and places to eat. I’m sure it will be a fun month.

RCGG Low Country SC and Coastal GA

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31 Places to Visit in Low Country SC and Coastal GA

October is almost upon us! During the month of October I participate in Write 31, a daily writing challenge. It has helped in the past to really get me back on a writing schedule. My topic last year was 31 ways to make your apartment home because Mr. RCGG and I were setting up our new apartment. After living in Coastal Georgia and Mr. RCGG working in the Low Country SC over the past year, we have had a chance to explore our new surroundings so I thought for this year I would share some of our favorite places to visit in Low Country SC and Coastal GA.

RCGG Low Country SC and Coastal GA

Starting tomorrow I’ll share 30 of our favorite places and some new places that are on our list to visit. I hope you enjoy my 31 days series this year!
Have you visited anywhere in the Low Country SC or Coastal GA? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment and tell me your favorite place in this area or just a favorite vacation place!


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Jekyll Island Historic Places

Mr. RCGG and I love beaches! Anywhere that we can feel the sand and waves on our feet turn into great memories for us! We have been going to our favorite place, Jekyll Island Georgia, for about six or seven years now. There’s something magical about this place that makes you happy! You know the saying Go to your happy place? That’s my happy place!

It is a place we will continue to go back to every year! It is a very family friendly and historical island. There are several historical sites on the island.
Horton House was owned by William Horton. He was granted Jekyll Island by the trustees of the colony of Georgia. His first house was destroyed by a fire, so he rebuilt the home in 1743 and the ruins still stands today.284810_10150388356504097_589399096_10413096_5208406_n
In 1907, several banks in America collapsed. People withdrew funds for fear of unwise investments and misuse of money. As a result of this collapse the Federal Reserve was founded on Jekyll Island in 1910. Disguised as a duck hunt, the men talked about a way to restructure America’s banking system to possibly eliminate another economic panic. After ten days of debating about what they wanted for the economy, the men finally went on the duck hunt!

Jekyll Island was where the first transcontinental phone call took place. This phone call was the first call to be placed from the east coast to the west coast. It occurred in January of 1915.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel

The Jekyll Island Club was an elite group of our country’s old time millionaires like J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, Joseph Pulitzer, and William K. Vanderbilt. The men used the island as a retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of their every day big business life.The Jekyll Island historic district is now a beautiful village that has several cottages built by members of the club, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel that was the club’s elite meeting place, and the museum where you can learn about all the history of the island.

Jekyll Island Cottage

Jekyll Island is a very family friendly vacation. There’s golf,tennis, restaurants, hiking and biking trails, a water park, a mini golf course, and of course beaches. If you have been looking for a new place to vacation then I’m sure you will love Jekyll Island just as much as we do!

I’ll have a couple of new posts coming up later about Jekyll Island as part of my Write 31 Days challenge topic! I can’t wait to share them with you!





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Back to School Creating Something Random

August has gotten away from me! I haven’t even told you what the August Creating Something Random theme is!

Creating SOmething Random- Random Crafty Georgia Girl

Anyways, since schools have started to go back I’d love to see what you have done as welcome back to school gifts for teachers, students, friends, and family! Are you a teacher? Do you have a theme for your classroom? Did you take back to school pictures of your children?

Creating Something Random Kitchen Edition

Usually I just do the craft or kitchen edition of Creating Something Random. This month I’m adding the kitchen edition again so that you can share those awesome school lunch and after school snack ideas! I’m not limiting the kitchen edition to just lunch and snacks though. With the start of school brings the beginning of school sports. That means dinners get rushed and sometimes mean going through the drive through instead of a home cooked meal. Do you have any recipes that are fast and easy for those rushed nights of practice and games? Link them up and let me know! I’ll share a few crafts and recipes on my Facebook page!

Craft Show and Tell

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Kitchen Potluck

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Solar Eclipse August 2017

On August 21st we will see a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth. The sun is blocked by the moon. This causes the sky to appear like it is night even though it is during the day!

solar eclipse

There are a lot of things to keep in mind while viewing the eclipse. You need special glasses to view it. Make sure that your glasses are safe though. If you put them on and CANNOT SEE ANYTHING then they are safe eclipse glasses. Regular sunglasses WILL NOT keep your eyes safe. I have heard that a lot of eye doctors have glasses available to purchase. Also DO NOT look directly at the eclipse without the glasses. This could cause permanent eye damage. If you are not able to get glasses you can make a pinhole viewer from a cereal box.

Are you a photographer? You will need to protect your camera during the eclipse as well! You may be looking though the lens but you will still be looking straight into the eclipse. I found this link on Facebook. It is a list of websites to get a special lens for your camera or how to make a solar filter for your camera.

What is the best place to view the eclipse? There are several places that you will be able to see the total or partial eclipse. Total being 100% and partial being 99% and below. This website has been going around Facebook and it is a great tool to see what percentage of totality you can see in your area. My hometown in Illinois is in the 100% totality for the longest period of time. They are having a huge four day event called Moonstock. “Eclipse Chasers” from all over the country are coming to see the event. They are supposed to have Ozzy Osbourne there to sing his hit song Bark at the Moon during the eclipse time of totality. I will believe that one when I see it though! Haha!

Are you in the area of a Waffle House? Mr. RCGG found an article with a map on the best places to watch the eclipse while eating at a Waffle House! This one is a little out there but I thought it was funny and wanted to include it! Haha!

As you can see there’s so much going on across the country for the eclipse on Monday! I hope you will be safe while enjoying the eclipse.

Do you have any plans for the day? I’d love to hear about them on the Random Crafty Georgia Girl Facebook page.


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Creating Something Random- Christmas in July

I’m excited to introduce our new co-host for Creating Something Random! Jenn is the blogger behind Crescent Moon and Stars!

Jenn Bell is the owner of Crescent Moon & Stars. Her dream is that she is able to help others with positivity, inspiration and motivation to lead a life full of peace, passion and purpose. She is a Charleston, SC native, working full-time in the Hospitality/Tourism industry with an aspiration to have an Event Design/Concierge Services business, loves Dr. Pepper and Wild Cherry Pepsi. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, her Facebook page and her Facebook community. Let’s shine bright together!

This month and from now on  for Creating Something Random we will be doing BOTH themes! The Craft edition and the Kitchen edition will be every month! The link ups will still be two separate link ups though!

 We are celebrating Christmas in July!

For the craft edition find your favorite Christmas decoration and link it up! This can be something you have made, bought, a family item, etc.

For the Kitchen Edition share your favorite Christmas recipes! We would love to see what your family’s must haves are for Christmas dinner!

So your assignment until July 27th is to find your favorite Christmas decorations and favorite family Christmas recipes to link up! We are looking forward to seeing what you share with us!


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Yarn Scrap Flip Flops

I wear flip flops practically all year! As soon as it starts to warm up from our brief winter I switch from closed toe shoes to flip flops! I have SO MANY pairs of them that I could wear a different pair every day of the week (or year!) I’m sharing a fun craft that is so easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t take long to make! Yarn scrap flip flops! I first made them quite a few years ago when my mom suggested I make something for our church craft fair. The little girls all wanted a pair and they were gone very fast! So, I’d call them a craft success! Haha!

Here’s how to make them:
You need
yarn in your choice of colors
flip flops

Here’s how to make them:
Wrap some yarn around around your hand. You will need more than I used, but I only used that much to show the first step.

Cut the yarn into strips .
You can use two colors or only one, but this is about how much you will need for one flip flop.


Tie yarn around each strap of the flip flop. You can alternate your colors or make them all solid. It is completely up to you! I alternated my colors.

I tied the yarn in a triple knot to make sure it was secure. Keep tying yarn around the straps of the flip flop until you have it covered.

Then trim the excess yarn off the ends. You don’t want to be sweeping the floor with them. Although that would be a good idea! Haha!

When you are done your new flip flops will look like this:

I got so many people asking where I got mine and when I told them that I made them they were so amazed! I even told a few moms how to make them for their daughters!

These are so easy to make and so much fun to wear! You can make them as gifts, holiday outfits, or just for fun! They are also a fun and easy craft to do for kids parties! Host a kids craft night with this as the main craft and I’m sure there will be lots of different color combos and so many memories made!

Have you made yarn scrap flip flops? I’d love to see the pictures! Share them on my Facebook page.

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Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/RndmCrftyGAGrl/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rndmcrftygagrl




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July 2017 Goals

Setting goals for yourself has always been a struggle for me. I have so many long term things I want to get done but I have trouble looking at the month ahead of me! That’s where this Goals and Intentions link up from a few of my blog besties come in handy!

I have made goals for the month of July based on blog, business, home, and life.

Blog goals:
Post twice a week
Start promotion for fall round of Solidarity Sisters
Start brainstorming posts for October’s 31 Days series

Business goals:
Get 650 Ebay items listed
Find American Eagle jeans for Back to School shoppers

Home goals:
Dust plaster cats on top of kitchen cabinets
Hang a few things on wall

Life goals:
Read a chapter of Outlander every night before bed
Get my hair cut
Enjoy my husband’s vacation week

I think breaking my goals down into categories will help me to see what I need to get done and making them into a monthly deadline I hope to accomplish them by the end of the month! I’ll share progress at the end of the month!

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5 Things To See in London England- Guest Post from Alessia

We love traveling and there is so much to see in our world! One of the places I have always wanted to go was London. During the April/May round of Solidarity Sisters I got to know Alessia. She’s from London and I knew she was the perfect person to share a few places that are a must see for a first time visitor to her beautiful city!

It’s difficult to choose 5 places to see in London: it’s such an amazing city, and it’s so big and full of things that it’s possible to make top 5 places for every possible interest someone has. So, when faced with this question, I have thought of it as such: “Which are the 5 places that can give someone from outside the best idea of what London is about?”.

The Victoria and Albert Museum
While all the museums in London have great offers, I think nothing speaks more of what London is about than the V&A. Situated in South Kensington, not far from the area most known for antique shops and Georgian architecture, and side by side to one of the most stunning churches ever built (most commonly known as the Brompton Oratory), the V&A is a collection of history, art and design that has its origin in the Great Exhibition of 1851. It is an immersive historical experience, and it’s like the people of Victorian London experiencing for the first time the marvels of design and technology from all over the British Empire. Within walking distance are also the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial, worth looking at.

Maritime Greenwich

You may not be as excited as I am by the prospect of seeing the clothes in which the Admiral Lord Nelson died at Trafalgar, but this Unesco site with the Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory, old fashioned food shops and lovely 18th century maritime town feel (enhanced by the presence of the Cutty Sark) is one of London’s gems. If you can forget the sight of the modern buildings in Canary Wharf it feels like taking a step back in time. Getting there by DLR is an experience in itself, as it’s a train going by the docklands with no driver (so catch the front seat in the direction of travel and enjoy the ride!).

Richmond Park

All of the Royal parks are amazing, and there are such lovely views of St James’s Park, but they are nothing in comparison with seeing stags and a view down to St Paul’s Cathedral from the highest point in the park. To be followed by a walk down the river and a drink on the terrace looking over it at one of the trendy bars in the town. A quick trip across the bridge from the main shopping district will uncover some high quality charity shops, where it’s easy to find a designer bargain if lucky.

The City of London
Announced by a dragon at the site of the old walls, the City of London (currently its own administration since time immemorial, still functioning with the same system as in medieval time) is mostly known nowadays for being one of the world’s financial centres, but at weekends it becomes almost a ghost town and you can see roughly the city as it was when London was just that big. It also has the Museum of London, where more on the history of how London became the metropolis we know, and roman ruins are still visible at the Guildhall. If you go during the week (prepare for enormous queues at lunchtime!), you will get access to churches and other places of interest, including St Andrew’s Holborn, which has been in the backdrop of the life of Dr Sacheverell (a much unappreciated historical period on which I wrote my dissertation) and where 19th century PM Benjamin Disraeli was baptised.

The theatre

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the theatre, whether it’s a musical in the West End or an independent production in smaller theatres, standing for 3h at the Globe or chasing celebrities at the National Theatre and more. There are plenty of options for as low as £5 per ticket, and many important names (especially British actors) are on the stage quite often. It really is a big part of the culture here. Theatre-goers also benefit from reasonably priced 2 and 3 courses menus in nice restaurants in Covent Garden (Boulevard Brasserie on Wellington Street is great for French food).

Wherever you go, though, you can’t avoid at least a drink in one of the many traditional English pubs at every corner, because, really, if there is something London is about it’s bringing people together over a drink (for those who don’t drink alcohol, there are plenty nice non-alcoholic traditional drinks like a good old Victorian lemonade, ginger beer or elderflower cordial). Some pubs are historical (as far back as the Middle Ages in some cases!) and worth a visit for that alone.

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Allatoona Pass Civil War Battlefield

 There is so much history in our country! It doesn’t matter where you live because you can find something about how our nation was born and shaped throughout the years anywhere.  Allatoona Pass is a civil war battlefield in Cartersville, GA.

It is a small battlefield that is now mainly hiking trails and historical marker signs. Cartersville is where Mr. RCGG and I lived before moving to Savannah.

Allatoona Pass Cartersville GA

The Battle of Allatoona Pass was a civil war battle that took place on October 5th, 1864 in Bartow County, Georgia. Confederate Major General Samuel French’s division attacked a union garrison under the command of Brigadier General John Corse. The Confederates were unable to take the fortified position that protected the railroad through Allatoona Pass.



After Atlanta fell, Lt. General John Bell Hood moved the Confederate Army of Tennessee north to threaten the Western and Atlantic Railroad. This was Major General William T Sherman’s supply line. On October 2-4 Lt. General Alexander Stewart attacked a number of small garrisons. Hood ordered Stewart to send a division to attack the Federal supply base where the railroad ran through a small gap in the Allatoona Mountain range and move north to burn the bridge over the Etowah River.  The Federal troops occupied strong defense positions behind two earthen redoubts on each side of a 180 foot 65 foot deep railroad cut. Many of the men were armed with Henry repeating rifles.


The Battle:
On October 5th 1864, at sunrise near Allatoona, Frenh’s division arrived.  Artillery bombardment by Confederate guns lasted two hours. Captain James Cowan’s battery of Warren County Mississippi and Captain Robert Barry’s battery of Lookout Artillery Tennessee Volunteers, manned this attack. Major General French sent demand for surrender but Corse refused. This caused French to launch his brigades in an attack. Brigadier General Sears from the North against the rear of the fortifications and Cockrell supported by Hugh Young from the west. The Union Army survived the attack against the main fortification but were pinned down and needed reinforcements sent from the eastern fort.  It seemed inevitable that the Federals would surrender. French received a report from his Calvary that a strong union force was approaching from Acworth GA, so he withdrew at 2 PM. A substantial Union force ordered by Sherman to the attacked stronghold reached Allatoona the next morning.


The Aftermath:
706 Union (including about 200 prisoners)
897 Confederates

In a small but bloody battle with high causalities, French was unsuccessful in seizing the railroad and garrison. He regretted that he was unable to seize the one million rations there or burn them before he retreated.



 I hope you learned a little bit about part of our country’s history and it inspired you to get out and do some exploring in your hometown! You never know what you may find!














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