Prayer Journaling

When I was growing up, I remember that prayer was something that you said before dinner and at bedtime. I never thought about it being a way to actually talk to God.

A popular bedtime prayer often said by children

I have always had a hard time praying out loud. It’s not that I don’t know how to pray, but that when I pray out loud I feel as if I all of a sudden I forget what I was going to say. I have always felt more comfortable writing my thoughts to God. Kind of like writing a letter to a friend. I started keeping a prayer journal a few years ago. This way I can pray to God without having to pray out loud.

How do I keep a prayer journal? It’s writing out my praises and requests, but sometimes also include a small doodle or hand lettered quote. It’s just a fun little way to bring life to your time with God.
What kind of things do I write? I write what I am thankful for that day, something I feel that I need help with in my lie, or just a little drawing and quote.

Have you heard of the CHAT prayer method?

CHAT Prayer Method

I have been using this as a template for my prayer because it is a really easy way to remember that thanking God comes first and asking Him for guidance should come last. Praying doesn’t have to be something to fear.  Do you know how many times the words, DO NOT BE AFRAID are in the Bible? 365.  That’s once for every day of the year! God doesn’t want us to be afraid of anything and we shouldn’t fear talking to Him when He’s the one who can give us comfort!





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