Red Beet Eggs- Creating Something Random Kitchen Edition

I didn’t have chance to get my hard boiled egg recipe written before I posted the link up for the Creating Something Random Kitchen Edition Potluck link up! So this is going to be short and sweet since my recipe for red beet eggs is really short. Haha!

You need:
hard boiled eggs
canned beets

To make red beet eggs you need to cook your eggs. Put your eggs in a pot and cover with water. Bring them to a boil and boil for five minutes. Remove from heat and cover. Let them site for ten to twelve minutes. Drain the water from them and let them cool. When they are cool enough for you to handle peel the eggs and put them in a bowl or a resealable bag. When they are all peeled add a can of beets and enough vinegar to cover them. Store in the fridge for up to two weeks. The eggs will get a really pretty red color from the beets.


These are one of my husband’s favorites ways to eat hard boiled eggs. His mom always makes them and they are incredibly easy to make.


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