Season’s Greetings Ornament- A Tutorial

For the past few years I have participated in an ornament exchange hosted by one of my favorite craft bloggers, Amy from One Artsy Mama. Two years ago I even had the pleasure of being partnered with her! That was such an honor to me! Haha! This year I made a “SEA”son’s Greetings ornament. Obviously, a beach themed ornament!

I took step by step pictures of this craft but when I went to get them off my memory card there was nothing on it. (insert mad face emoji here) So I hope that you are able to see in your head what I am talking about! I apologize for this.

To make you own “SEA”son’s Greetings ornament you need:

a plastic ornament ball that can be taken apart
card stock

To make your ornament:

Take the plastic ornament ball apart.

Pour the sand into one half of the ornament ball.

Arrange shells in the sand.

Cut two small strips of card stock into a little flag. Write “Sea”son’s Greetings 2017 on the flag.

Glue both sides of the flag to the toothpick.  Put the other half of the ornament ball on top and close until it clicks.

I couldn’t get the ornament to sit upright without losing the shells in the sand so it actually turned into a table top decoration instead of an ornament. Either way it is still a really cute gift idea or a fun craft to do with the kids!

RCGG "Sea"son's Greetings Ornament

“Sea”son’s Greetings!! =)

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