Thank You Notes A Lost Art

With technology in our world now people tend to think that with email, texting, and social medias that communication is always instant. What about the people that aren’t always connected to media? How would you communicate with them?

Thank You Notes

Snail mail is a lost art! I have always made sure to send a heartfelt thank you note to someone when I feel they have gone out of their way to think of me. When I was younger, my parents made sure that I wrote thank you notes for any gift I was given. At the time I hated sitting down and writing those notes, but as I look back I think about how it must have made that person feel. Maybe they were having a bad day and seeing a note from someone they love in their mailbox made that day better.

My dad’s co-worker gave him some Wizard of Oz dolls to give to me. I love them and can’t wait to be able to put them up. I wrote a thank you note to her telling her that I loved them and I was honored that she thought of me and wanted me to have them. She told my dad that she got a the sweetest note from me in the mail.

There were so many people that were blessed by my grandmother. When she passed away last October we realized just how many people had been influenced by her. Our church hosts dinners after funerals for the family. It gives a chance for the family to come together and visit with each other. When Mr. RCGG and I returned to Georgia I wrote a thank you note to the church  for everything they did during our loss. My church was so blessed to have had her as a member. It meant so much to us to know that were supporting us during our loss while at the same time they were hurting just as much as we were. I didn’t tell my parents that I was writing this thank you note so it cam as a surprise to them when it was read during church. My dad called to tell me that my thank you note was read. He said that it always makes him proud to know that he and my mom raised me right! I also wrote a thank you note to a man in our church that helped so much with my grandma. He was always there for her and was such a great friend to her! I thank God every day for him and the extra mile he went for her!

Now I know that even if I hated writing those thank you notes, it made someone’s day that I took time to let them know that I was thankful for them.

Do you send thank you notes or notes in general through the mail? Do you ever think that it might have made someone’s day ten times better?




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