The Cat Takeover

Hi! Our names are Ollie and Peaches and this is a cat takeover!


Ollie Belle


Peaches Nicole

We have taken over Mommy’s blog today! She hasn’t posted anything about us in a while so we decided to take things into our own hands.  Wait! PAWS, we have paws, not hands!

Anyways, our mommy and daddy are good to us! They spoil us pretty good! We always have treats that you might think that is all we eat, but it isn’t. We have our regular food!

We get tuna on special occasions. Mainly our birthdays and Christmas.


Ollie comes running for tuna! Peach will eat a little and then she’s done!

Now, how does this cat takeover work? Well, we are thinking that we are going to takeover once a month. We will post pictures and sometimes a video! We are like Daddy and like to stay behind the scenes of this blog thing that Mommy does, but we are going to make our presence known from now on!!

So until our next cat takeover,

MEOW from


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4 Responses to The Cat Takeover

  1. LOL that was cute! As a (newly moved NC girl) new Georgia girl myself, I have 3 kitties. Rarely are they seen on my blog, but they are famous on my instagram! LOL
    I have 1 that LOVES people food, and 2 that will only eat certain cat foods. Picky little buggers.

  2. Caden says:

    Oh my goodness. I never thought about writing down the Kittins day-to-day haha! We constantly narrate kittens thoughts. Amazing ideas!

  3. Adorable. I never get sick of seeing photos of cats 🙂

  4. Oh what a great idea! I was just thinking about blogging about my pets. Now I think I will let them do it!

    Stopping in from SITS!!

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