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Today, I’d like to share a post written by a new blog friend, Brittany Michelle from Tiny Forest. I have not known her that long, but I know that she’s a great writer ans super nice! I’m looking forward to getting to know more about her very soon! Thanks for helping out Brittany Michelle!

Hello, my name is Brittany Michelle and I blog over at Tiny Forest. If you journey through my forest you will discover many branches. From fashion, to recipes, to everyday struggles; I share it all. I battle with depression and anxiety and I started blogging as a way of coping and finding beauty in everyday things. It’s also allowed me a creative outlet and been sort of a roadmap of my journey. Today I am blessed to be stepping in for Cate to share a little piece of my forest with you.



If you are over the age of 6, then you probably think life can be pretty difficult at times. She seems to be a cruel mistress at times, who enjoys kicking us when we are down (“when it rains it pours…” anyone?) So how do you stay positive when life doesn’t seem to go your way?



Life and I have a love-hate relationship. She has dealt me some difficult hands, but I found that a positive mental attitude in the face of life’s cruel jokes was the key to seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Being positive is not always easy though, so I started something in my house I call the positivity project.

At the end of each day we write out one thing we are grateful for. Sometimes they are simple things like “I’m thankful we have food to eat.” Other times they are larger things like “I am grateful for that promotion at work.” We then put all these positive thoughts into a jar.

Doing this has helped my husband and me to focus on the positive things of each day. It forces us to look at our day and find something even in the cruelest of times to be thankful for, because it changes your mindset from negative to positive. We’ve all had days where everything seems to be going wrong… you woke up late, or you got a flat a tire, or your kid is sick and everything seems to be rolling downhill at mach speed. When I say to myself “I woke up late but I got a good nights rest and I feel great today so that’s what I am putting in the positivity jar.”

The positivity jar also has an added bonus. When you are struggling with something, job loss, money issues, car trouble, or even just a bad day you can go back and read all of the things you are grateful to have. We have to go through the hard times to appreciate the good times. So the next time you are struggling with staying positive I invite you to start your own positivity project!

Thank you for letting me share with you today! I love chatting with fellow bloggers, click my links below and let me know that your visiting from Random Crafty GA Girl. Have a beautiful and blessed day!




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  1. Thank you for having me!! I am happy I was able to share and inspire your readers. I look forward to more collaborations with you. 🙂

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