Plains GA Home of President Carter

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President Carter turned 91 a few days ago! He grew up in Plains, GA and has lived there his entire life. Exception for the years that he was governor of Georgia and President. He and his wife Roslynn are very active in their church. Mr. Carter even teaches Sunday School once or twice a month!

SDC11024At the town visitor’s center there is a little museum with his oval office desk and items from his political career as well as his farming life.

SDC11071The dining room from his childhood home.

SDC11082The bedroom of a future president!

SDC11097The Carter family store. President Carter’s family owned a general store while he was growing up.

President Carter is an Atlanta Braves fan and goes to quite a few games every season. Last month, he and Mrs. Carter were caught on Kiss Cam! See the adorable video here!

As you may have heard, President Carter recently announced that he has cancer. Please keep him in your prayers as he goes through treatments.



Andersonville Prison Camp

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Can you imagine what civil war prisoners went through? Learning about the civil war in school always told us that Andersonville was the worst of the prison camps. After seeing the actual site and learning more about Andersonville I still don’t know exactly what these soldiers went through but I know that it had to have been a horrible experience for them. If they survived.

In 1864 a very sad and horrible event happened in Andersonville, also known as Camp Sumter.  45,000 Union soldiers were imprisoned. This was four times the capacity of what it should have been! Of those 45,000 nearly 13,000 died from scurvy, dysentery, or diarrhea. SDC11237

Andersonville was commanded by Major Henry Wirz. Wirz was later tried and executed for war crimes.

Providence Spring is a fresh water spring that was formed in 1864 and it is still there. The prisoners believed that the spring was formed by divine intervention. The park rangers told us that there was a storm and lightning struck the ground forming the spring. The divine intervention story could work too though!

SDC11206The spring from the prison walls.





More information on Andersonville

National Park Service


St. Simon’s Island and Fort Frederica

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St. Simon’s Island GA is another one of our favorite places. We have been several times and there’s still so much we haven’t seen.


In the 1700’s Georgia was in the middle of a centuries old conflict between Spain and England. James Oglethorpe founded the fort to protect his state. Colonists from England, Scotland, and the Germanic states come to support him.  By 1740 Fort Frederica had a population of 500 citizens. In 1742 Spanish and British troops fought for Georgia’s future. In The Battle of Bloody Marsh  Georgia became a British Colony.  The threat to Coastal Georgia was no longer an issue and the fort was dissolved in 1749.

Today only remains of the fort and town are left and are maintained by the National Park Service.




983638_10152371373376913_5770319982810856436_nThis obviously isn’t of the fort. Southern Soul is one of our favorite places to eat when we go to St. Simon’s! The BBQ is always so good and the fried Oreos are amazing!

Jekyll Island GA

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Jekyll Island GA happens to be on of my favorite places we have ever been. It was the first place Mr. RCGG and I went on vacation by ourselves. It was where we were married in 2012. It’s a place that we will always go back to no matter where life takes us. 005Jekyll Island has quite a history. It was originally a Native American settlement of hunters and gatherers seeking the natural resources of the island. Then, it was part of an English colony established by John Oglethorpe in 1733. That colony was the state of Georgia. Oglethorpe renamed the island Jekyll Island in tribute to his friend Sir Joseph Jekyl, an English politician.

In the 19th century, imported slaves were brought to the area to pick cotton, a main agriculture staple in the south. In November 1858, a slave ship called The Wanderer brought 409 slaves to Jekyll Island.


The Jekyll Island Club was an elite group of some of our country’s biggest millionaires! Members included John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer, and William Vanderbilt.


The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is beautiful! The above picture does not do it justice. It is a place you simply have to experience the beauty yourself. You can read the hotel’s history here.

One of our favorite places on Jekyll Island is Driftwood Beach. This beach is a popular spot for weddings and photographers because of its beauty. Plus it is a great place to watch the big cargo ships come in and out of port! (That’s one of Mr. RCGG’s favorite things.)








Appomattox VA

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On April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant in Appomattox VA. 150 years later Mr. RCGG and I went to the reenactment of the surrender.  You could see all the emotion on the faces of the reenactors as they probably could feel the experience of the civil war soldiers that they were portraying.


This is McLean house where General Lee signed the surrender. When you go the house, there’s two rooms downstairs. The room to the left is the parlor, where the surrender took place.


SDC12109The coat and gloves General Lee was wearing when he signed the surrender along with the pen he used.


PhotoGrid_1428869626350Mr. RCGG and me with the General.

When we went to Appomattox, I actually learned quite a lot about the surrender that I didn’t know.  I had no idea that there was a final battle on the morning of the surrender.

Gettysburg PA

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Have you been to Gettysburg PA? It’s a somewhat small town just over the border from Maryland and about an hour and half from Washington DC. Well, it’s a small town until the Fourth of July weekend rolls around every year! That’s when the town has the Battle of Gettysburg reenactment.



The battle of Gettysburg took place July 1-3 1863. In 2013, the town celebrated the 150th commemorative anniversary of the battle and Mr. RCGG and I went to see the reenactment. We loved seeing all the monuments on the actual battlefields and then seeing the reenactment on a near by farm.













This is the monument to honor the men of the 20th Maine. This is probably the most well known of the battle of Gettysburg aside from Pickett’s Charge.



Castillo De San Marcos St. Augustine FL

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Have you been deciding on a family vacation? Somewhere that has some history? St. Augustine FL may be somewhere you’d like to check out. It has so much history since it is the oldest city in the United States since they are celebrating their 450th anniversary this year! That’s a long time!


When we went to St. Augustine in May this year, we went to the Castillo De San Marcos.

Construction on the Castillo began in 1672 and was completed twenty-three years later in 1695. The Castillo De San Marcos is made of coquina’ (Spanish for “small shells”), that has bonded together to create a similar stone to limestone. 

In 1702, the English laid siege on the Castillo. The small English cannons had little effect on the strong walls because the coquina’ absorbed most of the impact.The town of St. Augustine was destroyed. The English burned their ships to avoid them being taken under Spanish control.

Over the years the Castillo has been under the control of several different countries. In 1763 the Spanish turned it over to the British and the fort was renamed Fort St. Mark. Spain regained control of Florida in 1783 with the Peace of Pairs treaty and the name was changed back to Castillo De San Marcos. However in n 1819, Spain signed the Adams–Onís Treaty, ceding Florida to the United States, which was transferred in 1821.


The United States changed the name from Castillo De San Marcos to Fort Marion to honor revolutionary war general Francis Marion. Under US control store rooms were converted to prison cells with heavy doors and barred windows.

In 1861, Florida seceded from the United States during the opening months of the American Civil War. Union troops had left the fort at this time leaving only one solider to man the fort. He refused to surrender the fort unless he was given a receipt for it from the Confederates. The solider was given the receipt and the Confederacy took the fort with out a shot fired. Most of the fort’s artillery was sent elsewhere leaving only five cannons to defend it.


In 1862, the fort was once again under US control. The Confederates had evacuated St. Augustine. During this time the fort was used as a military prison.

In 1875, the fort was used as a prison for Native Americans during the aftermath of the Indian Wars in the west. Numerous Native Americans were held prisoners and left to die.

In 1924, the Castillo De San Marcos was designated a National Monument.

In September, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain visited the Castillo to celebrate the 450th anniversary of St. Augustine. This was the King and Queen’s first visit to the United States since taking the throne. In 2001, his father, King Juan Carlos visited.






Never Forget

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As I look back on this date every year, I get a sense of pride. This pride comes from knowing that fourteen years ago our country banded together and overcame and attack. An attack that was the biggest attack on United States soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I’m proud to be and American. I may ot be proud of some decisions our country’s politicians have made, but I’m proud to live in a country where I have freedom. I’m proud of the men and women that keep me safe by putting their life in danger. As President Roosevelt said “Today is a day which will live in infamy.” He was referring to Pearl Harbor, but his words ring true to nine eleven. Today we use Never Forget, but it has the same feelings.

People say they remember exactly what they were doing when tragic events happened. Like Kennedy’s assassination, the Challenger explosion, Nine Eleven. I was just starting my first year of college at John A. Logan College. I had an afternoon class that day, but I had a doctor’s appointment earlier in the day. I turned my TV on and saw the Pentagon on fire. I thought nothing of it and fell back asleep for a few minutes. When I woke up for the day was when I saw the first tower fall. At that moment I knew this was more than just the Pentagon on fire. I ran into my parents room to wake up my mom. I told her something bad has happened. We watched TV and just cried together.

After and hour of watching things unfold I had to get ready to go to my doctor’s appointment. I watched as I got dressed for the day. I listened to the radio as I was driving to the doctor. The waiting room was silent. No one was talking. Just watching everything happen. It was a strange feeling not knowing what was going on, but seeing it go on at the same time. My name was called to go back into the exam room and the same silence everywhere.

My doctor’s appointment ends and I go to get lunch before my class. On any other day I wouldn’t remember what I had. I went to Subway fourteen years ago and got a six inch ham and American cheese with mayo, pickles, and salt and pepper.  I took it to school with me and ate in the common area while going over some class notes. There were TVs set up and other students were huddled around watching and consoling each other. It was just comforting to see people standing together for our country. People that have never met and wouldn’t know each other after that.

During class, my instructor didn’t even teach. He came in and said he had a lesson plan for the day, but after the events of the day he couldn’t teach.

After all the events of the day a felt a sense of unity in our country. A unity that came together in a time of need. Unity that brought a country together when we were kicked down.

 Never Forget the men and women who lost their lives 14 years ago! Never forget the people that rushed into buildings that were on the verge of collapse! Never forget the men and women on a plane in PA that tried to stop something bad from happening! NEVER FORGET!

Poetry Share

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Something you might not know about me is that I love writing poetry. There are so many different types of poetry, but my favorite to write is free verse, the type that has no rhyme scheme.

First, I’d like to share a little about where I think my love of poetry came from. We always did poetry units in school. It was always pick a poem. memorize it, and recite it in class. That was okay, but I didn’t really have an interest in reciting a poem to people. I think my love of writing comes from my church youth leader. She was an English teacher and even though she taught at another school I learned so much from her. Writing has always been something that I loved and she made it fun!


Here’s some of my poems:

A Mother’s Love is a Beautiful Thing

A mother’s love is a beautiful thing.

A mother is a child’s first friend.

Love from a mother has no end.

A child’s love for a mother has no end.

A mother is a child’s first friend.

All the happy moments

in a child’s life

a mother is there.

All the bad moments

in a child’s life

a mother is there.

A mother is there through it all.

A mother’s love is a beautiful thing.
Our Heroes Then and Forever

A day to look


on another year.


Our heroes.

All who were

lost on

that Septemeber


Looking back

to remember

the feelings

of sadness.

Feelings of

not understanding

and confusion.

Another year



our brave


Our heroes

are the brave

men and women

who gave

their lives

for us on

that September


All of them.

In New York City.

All of them.

In Washington D.C.

All of them.

In a Pennsylvania field.

Our heroes.

Forever Nine/Eleven

by Cate Hutchison

Families always remember,

Especially in September.

Nobody gets forgotten.

Especially in September.

Firemen and police,

Remember fallen friends.

Respect in September.

Respect throughout the year.

Friends always remember,

Especially in September.

Especially in September.

Forever nine/eleven.

Families unite together,

Especially to remember.

Especially in September.

Loved ones who are gone,

Loved ones who were lost.

Everyone always remembers,

Especially in September,


Thoughts on a Saturday

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I usually don’t post on weekends, but I REALLY need to get caught up on things so I thought a random thoughts on a Saturday post would be fun! I’m thinking this might become a monthly end of the month post where I just take a day and babble away like I do sometimes! Anyways, it’s halfway through August and I’m just now getting back to posting! My last post was on July 22nd where I posted my Summer Fun Round up Part 2.

Here’s this month’s thoughts on a Saturday!

Thoughts on a Saturday

  1. I have several ideas in my head about what I want to do for Fall crafts! I’m hoping they get accomplished this year since there’s at least two that I have been wanting to do for the past three years!
  2. I have a few ideas for my Christmas series! I’m still working out the details and I have asked on Facebook for small businesses and crafters for a giveaway! I’m excited that I have already had two people contact me! YAY!
  3. I have been working on some new contribution posts for A Pinch of Faith. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have those done and ready to submit. I love writing for Amanda and her blog, but it is definitely a lot more work than I thought it was going to be! I need to get on a better writing schedule like I was before July started!
  4. I’m ready for football season! Mr. RCGG started watching preseason games this weekend and I’m excited to watch some Colts games!   Mr. RCGG is a Carolina Panthers fan and the Colts are actually going to be playing in Charlotte this year! It’s been a long time since our two teams have played each other!
  5. I can’t stop eating chocolate hostess doughnuts! Those little things have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. There’s just something about them that is so good!
  6. I have a minor obsession with washi tape! I’m always looking at it on Etsy  wanting to buy more, but I know that I don’t need it at the moment! BUT I do at the same time! I asked Mr. RCGG for a small thread rack for my birthday so I can store it on my desk instead of in an old Toms box. Haha! I have the first row filled up already!
  7. I signed up for a blog staycation for September and I need to start thinking of some things I want to get done during the weekend of it! This is the second time I will be participating and I’m looking forward to it again!

I hope you enjoyed my first Thoughts on a Saturday! I’m looking forward to doing it again at the end of next month! I’ll be nice and not make you sit through two in a month! Have a great weekend! =)