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Are you having an action packed December? We certainly are here in the RCGG house! With Christmas coming very soon we have been busy with our Ebay store! Every day we have had many items to package up to mail the next day! It is a very busy season for us. Usually we have anywhere from ten to thirty items daily! In addition to our holiday work schedule we have our extra fun things we are doing this month. This weekend we are going to a civil war reenactment at Fort McCallister. It was where General Sherman ended his march to the sea. The weekend before Christmas is when we drive around town to look at Christmas lights. There’s this house in our subdivision that has the lights and music synced thing going on! I’ll talk a video of it and post it for you! It’s really cool! Decorating like that is my dream!

Are you ready for this week’s link up? Here’s the feature photo Dawn made for us this week! You can check out our The Southern Special Pinterest board to see the links.


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Please oh please enter my giveaway! It’s the third link in today’s link up! It ends Friday and so far there haven’t been any entries! I’m giving away a full set of my holiday printables, a custom teething necklace from Trendy Mommy Designs, and a custom set of milestone blocks from Birthday Blocks. Just follow the rules on the giveaway widget! Good luck! =)

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Santa’s Great Giveaway Time

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The winner of the giveaway is Jessica Spencer! Thank you to everyone who entered! I’m looking forward to another giveaway soon! Have a great holiday season! =)

It’s time for Santa’s Great Giveaway!!! Please take a moment to enter and tell your friends about this great giveaway! One person will win one teething necklace from Trendy Mommy Designs, a set of milestone blocks from Birthday Blocks, and one set of ALL holiday printables from Random Crafty Georgia Girl. Winner will be chosen on December 12.

Santa's Great Giveaway


 Custom made teething necklace from Trendy Mommy Designs


Custom made set of milestone blocks from Birthday Blocks


A full set of my Holiday printables


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Trendy Mommy Designs

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 Lindsay is the creator of Trendy Mommy Designs, a teething necklace shop on Etsy! Lindsay and I “met” on The Knot when we were both planning our weddings two years ago! We met several other wonderful ladies and we are all still friends! She has the cutest little boy named Austin and I’m so excited to be able to show off her shop!

I started Trendy Mommy Designs shortly after having my son, Austin. My son had started to teethe and I spent $35 on a teething necklace at Buy Buy Baby. After buying it and looking at it, I thought to myself “I bet I can make these, and for a lot cheaper!”My other work at home business was struggling, so this came a perfect time.  I placed an order for some silicone beads and made a few necklaces to start out. I then quickly opened an etsy shop in June and had great success selling my necklaces. Trendy Mommy Designs necklaces are also in 8 local baby boutiques as well! I’m excited to keep my business growing. I never thought I was crafty enough to have an etsy shop, but here I am! It’s very rewarding to work for myself, have a passion for what I do and be able to stay at home with my son.


Here’s some of the necklace options Lindsay has to offer! You will have your choice of colors and design if you win the giveaway on the 12th.

The Polka Dot Posie

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Today’s Etsy shop is owned by my blog friend Jen.  I “met” Jen when I was doing the weekly Stop and Smell the Roses vlogs. She and Mandy went to college together. Over the past couple years, Jen has become someone that I am proud to call a friend! Even though we have never met in real life I know that if we ever do she will be the exact same person that she is online! Thanks so much Jen for being a great friend! Love you girly! =)

I have been getting items from this Etsy store for just over two years! I love everything Jen makes. Her shop actually consists of two separate shops. The Polka Dot Posie is hand sewn items by her mom Jan and the other The Polka Dot Posie Print is a print shop. I have bought her printable planners and even though they are a pain to remember how to print them year after year they are well worth the headache and the bottle or two of wine you may drink! =)


This is the Rosie Posie necklace. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. There are so many other great items in the shop though!


This is a page from a Polka Dot Posie Print planner! I got the smaller size for this year! I need to print the rest of it in the next couple weeks!

Go check out the cute items from both shops! You can click on the pictures and they will take you to them!

Birthday Blocks

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This isn’t an Etsy shop, but it is a hand crafted item company! Have you seen the stickers with “I’m this many months old” on them? This store comes from that concept! Here’s Megan with an overview of her shop!

Birthday Blocks started off as an idea spark after my son was born, and several of my friends had also had children. My Facebook news feed was suddenly overwhelmed with pictures of chubby infants, and several images that I nicknamed, “Milestone Moments.”  We’ve all seen them, a kid propped up in a chair with a handmade sign or sticker on their shirt that proclaims to the world they they are 3/6/9 months old and still SO CUTE!   I hadn’t actually done those for my son, since I didn’t know about the trend until he was about three months old. I’m a little too OCD to start the tradition if it wasn’t originated at his birth.

Dumb or not, it stayed with me, so I started experimenting. I tried a few different designs, and had some serious trial and error issues. Over the course of a year or so, I worked on perfecting the look and feel of the blocks.  It was slow going, and friends were the first (wonderful, thoughtful, amazing) people to place orders.I had just launched my crafting blog, C’mon Get Crafty, so I was on a constant lookout for crafty ideas. The blocks themselves I bounced around in my brain for months, often while casually remarking to my husband things like, “I mean, I’ve never seen something like that,” or “Most baby milestone picture props seem to be stickers” or even “I dunno, it’s probably a dumb idea.”  (Confidence is a wonderful thing.)

Over time, I started getting more orders. I also started getting some really great feedback. As I progressed to a more professional look on my blog, I toyed with the idea of a website just for Birthday Blocks. There were a lot of times I had great intentions of just hammering away and getting it launched. I set deadlines that I missed constantly, caught up in the craziness of everyday life, moving across the country, and being a wife and mother.

So while I still haven’t done everything I want to with Birthday Blocks, I’ve found my happy middle ground; doing something I love and enjoy, making some money whilst doing it, and keeping my personal life and role in my family in balance.

Birthday Blocks is part of the giveaway next week! So head on over to her store using the above links and check out all the cuteness that Megan makes!

The Southern Special 35

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December is upon us! It doesn’t seem like it should be the last month of the year! Where has the time gone? Is it just me or does it seem like when you are young you wait all year for Christmas and it takes so long to get here, but the older you get it seems like you blink and you might miss it??

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I’m just about done! I still have to get something for my grandma and one more thing for my mom. Other than stocking stuffers, my baking gifts, and those two things I think I’m pretty much done! I think this is the first year I have been this close to done before.


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APlus Signs

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Today, I’m kicking off my holiday series! This year, I’m sharing some of my favorite Etsy shops! Some of the shops have have graciously let me host a giveaway with them!

Kelly from APlus Signs is a friend of mine! We grew up in the same small town going to the same church! I looked up to Kelly as a role model when I was younger and her grandparents were one of the most in love couples I have ever met! Kelly cuts vinyl for signs, windows, and basically anything else you may want to use it for! I had her make a monogram for me to put on the back of my phone! I love it! Go check out APlus Signs on Etsy!



Santa’s Great Giveaway

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As we grow closer and closer to the holiday season I wanted to introduce this year’s holiday series. I’m doing things a little different for 2014.  Starting on Monday,December 1st I will be sharing my favorite Etsy shops with you in a 12 days of Christmas sort of fashion. Some of the shops have graciously allowed me to giveaway their products! I hope you fall in love with their products as much as I have!


Santa's Great Giveaway