Thoughts on Thursday 8

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So, I try to have my Thoughts on Thursday post written before Thursday and just put my video in when I get it filmed! Well, this week has crawled by so slowly and I’m doing good to even remember that today is Thursday! ! I’m so glad that there’s only one day left and then I can say good-bye to this week! There really hasn’t been anything bad about the week, but it has taken forever to end! Have you ever felt that way about a week?


Here’s this week’s Thoughts on Thursday!

Really YouTube? You decided to make the thumbnail me holding a water bottle in front of my face? I guess it’s your birthday and you can do what you want right!? Haha!

Thoughts on Thursday 7

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Hey y’all! It’s my seventh week of Thoughts on Thursday! I’m behind some from everyone else, but that’s okay!

I hope you have been having a great week and are ready for the weekend! This week I’m talking about some upcoming things on the blog.



Life Happens

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Have you noticed that I haven’t posted in a little over a week? Life happens and it has been a little busy!

life updatesHere’s what’s been going on.

  • I had a battle with sinus drainage

  • Saturday we went to the auction and got a bunch collectibles for the Ebay store

  • Mother’s Day was Sunday so we grilled steaks for dinner and had coconut cake.

  • We took an unexpected trip to the beach at the beginning of last week. Mr. RCGG had something for his job come up.

  • While we were gone we went down to St. Augustine Florida and checked out the sites there. We went to Castillo de San Marcos. I’m writing a post on that next week. (I’m still writing my Appomattox post over a month later.)

  • I have been working on some blog round up ideas! I’ll be announcing that at the end of the week.

So now, you know what’s been going on over the past couple weeks! Sometimes life happens and you have to take a minute or two to catch up! I hope you have had a great past couple weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back in to the blog!

Talk to you all soon!

Catching up on Life

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The past couple weeks have been such a whirlwind!  This is the first weekend we have been home since Easter. This week’s thoughts on Thursday is an update on what’s been going on these couple weeks!

Don’t you love the thumbnails that You Tube picks for you! Haha!

I need to get caught up on posts. I have my Appomattox recap that I need to get written, plus a guest post that I need to start. Blogging is just a never ending job!

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Thoughts on Thursday 5

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As I’m looking over my blog tribe I noticed that there is so much self promotion and not enough helping. When SITS did the tribe challenge sometime last year I tried to get my group involved, but none of them made any effort to reach out to other tribe members. So fast forward to late October or maybe early November. I decided to make my own blog tribe on Facebook. It’s a good group of bloggers, but for the most part there’s just posting blog links and conferences they are going to or organize. I wanted a group where I’d be able to ask questions, get advice on life issues, and other non blogging things. Anyways, on to my video:

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Thoughts On Thursday 3

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Welcome to Thoughts on Thursday 3 on Monday! We vacuumed Thursday so that took up a lot of my time. Then, I went to film using my camera and my batteries were dead so I had to charge those. Friday through Sunday I take a break to collect thoughts and recharge for the week ahead! Anyways, here’s my Thoughts on Thursday!

I’ll have my notes on Thursday so I won’t seem as if I’m struggling for something to say!

JVKom Chronicles

30 Day Journey to a Fulfilled Life- A Review

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I was given the opportunity to read and review  a free advanced copy of an e-book called My 30 Days’ Journey to a Fulfilled Life by Ifeoma Samuel. If you are interested in reading you can find the book on Amazon starting Sunday!


In the book Ifeoma discusses what it takes to live a fulfilled life with God by your side. In each chapter she discusses ways to invite God into your every day life. Not just on Sunday!

Ifeoma Samuel ebook cover (1)At the end of some of the chapters are practical questions. These questions help to put the lessons into your every day life. Having God in you every day life is very important. I’m always looking for ways to make time for God and I think this book is a very good way to help you ask Him into your home. It is definitely a very easy read for someone that doesn’t have a lit of time. The chapters are very short and I know that’s helpful for some people. You can read the whole book at one time or read a chapter a day.

I have learned a lot from this book and I hope you check it out so you can learn more about walking in life with God!

Thanks for giving me the chance to review your book Ifeoma! I really enjoyed it! God Bless you and your family!

I have not received any compensation for this and all opinions are mine.

Thoughts on Thursday 2

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Hey y’all! Another Thursday/Friday since I’m finally getting this linked up after midnight on Friday! I had such a terrible time with my uploading this week! My video would get to 67% uploaded and then just stop! We have been having slow internet connection this week. Anyways, Today we are just talking about whatever! Have a great week and enjoy the warmer weather! =)

You Might Not Know

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Have you ever wondered what makes up the randoms of the RCGG? I thought it would be fun to share a few things you might not know about me!


  1. I love Audrey Hepburn, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, and Vivien Leigh. My favorite movies are Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Rebel Without a Cause, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  2. I’m 32 years old and I still sleep with a teddy bear and my baby blanket. My teddy bear is a purple bear that Mr. RCGG gave me for Christmas fourteen years ago while we were dating.  I named him Purple Bear because he’s a purple bear. Go figure right? Haha!

  3. Mr. RCGG and I will have been together for fifteen years this October. We were married 3 years ago this July. We share an anniversary with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

  4. I am still friends with the ladies from the July 2012 month board on the wedding website The Knot. I planned our wedding with these ladies and now we have a group on Facebook where we share recipes, stories, and just life in general. We have become very close over the past three years and I’m looking forward to seeing their families grow over the years.

  5. I hate going underwater. I was involved in a disaster of a canoe trip as a child where we flipped over. I went underwater and almost drown with the current of the water.

  6. I collect cookbooks, plaster cats, nativities, lions, Wizard of Oz, key chains, ornaments from trips, nail polish, flip flops, books, and Jim Shore figures.

  7. I bought my first pair of Toms shoes last month and I love them. They are so comfortable. I can’t wait to buy another pair soon.

  8. Blogging is sometimes stressful. That’s why I go without posting for days at a time sometimes. It is a lot of work just to publish one post, but I love it and I will continue to blig even if I don’t see a lot of numbers. I don’t do it for popularity though. I love writing.

  9.  Someday we will live on a beach. We love Jekyll Island, St. Simon’s Island, Savannah, Charleston, Amelia Island, and Hilton Head Island. We don’t care where it is just as long as it is closer to an ocean.

  10. After an illness, the first thing I want to eat is frozen burritos. I know that’s not exactly healthy, but it is something that I have been doing since I was a little kid.


I love Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, and Pioneer Woman. I think I have learned just as much about cooking from these women as I have from my mom!

I’m an only child. Mr. RCGG’s siblings aren’t in-laws to me. They are real siblings.

I love baking! My favorite thing to bake is monster cookies. I use my grandma’s recipe and it makes a ton of cookies. I also like decorating cakes. That’s something that I haven’t done in very long time, but want to get back into soon!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little better! I’m looking forward to reading more about you! =)

Calvin Klein Reveal

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I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are mine.

Calvin Klein Reveal

Calvin Klein Reveal is a  new men’s cologne with a fresh scent with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Mr. RCGG thought it had a beachy scent to it and I smelled a warm, but soft musk! I’m not huge fan of musky colognes. They just smell heavy to me and then that scent just lingers for the rest of the day even after you have washed it off.

It has a bit of a salty note to it so Mr. RCGG was right that it had a beachy smell. The other fragrance notes in this cologne are crystallized ginger, and vetiver.  I had to look up the definition of vetiver. Here’s how Merriman-Webster defines it: a tall perennial grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) of southeastern Asia cultivated in warm regions especially for its fragrant roots which are used especially in woven goods (as mats) and in perfumes

So basically this cologne does have a beach salt air scent to it as well as an exotic playful scent.  Reveal is strong, but not too strong. I kept smelling it on my shirt after I hugged Mr. RCGG while he was wearing it!  Haha!

Reveal will be available at Macy’s Department Stores in April! I would recommend getting it for the man in your life! You won’t be disappointed.