Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all take time today to stop and think about what you are thankful for this year!


Here’s a little bit of what I’m thankful for this year:

Every day I’m thankful for Mr. RCGG. He’s everything to me and I love him more and more every day! We have been through fifteen years of life together and these last three years of being his wife have been the best three years! I love traveling with him and learning more about the civil war from him! He’s an awesome daddy to Ollie and Peachy! They love him and so do I!

My grandma had a very full 89 years! She loved making quilts and baking. This is more than likely where I got my love of baking from. She truly loved serving God!She was always helping with church events and was always in her pew on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night! If there was anything going on at the church you knew that she would have been there.  She loved everyone in the church and they loved her.  She had a passion for children and fostered so many children that were in need. My aunt Jo and my uncle Gary were two of those children. My grandma also delivered meals to the elderly as well as helping those in need with her devotion to the community pantry. I don’t think I ever remember her not helping others. She delivered the newspaper for many years. Even after she stopped her multiple daily routes she would still take a paper to people that didn’t get theirs.


Sixteen years ago this girl walked into my life! Even though Caryn and I are 688 miles apart and haven’t actually seen each other in eight years we are still very much best friends! In the world of Facebook and texting it’s like we have never been apart! It doesn’t seem like it’s been sixteen years. We have been through so much together and I thank God every day for bringing her dad to be the pastor at our church. He’s retiring this year and her parents are moving to Chicago, but that doesn’t mean we will stop being best friends! Every now and then I put funny best friends pictures on her facebook timeline like this one! It’s totally true too!

I love my girls! They always bring a smile to my face and will always be my kittens!

My parents for the obvious reasons of bringing me into this world. But for more than that. They love going on trips with their friends and I love seeing all the goofy pictures from them! It’s a great feeling when you can think of your parents as your friends.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your day!

Santa’s Great Giveaway 2

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Where did the year go? Christmas is just around the corner! I decided to do another giveaway for the holiday season since I had so much fun with the one last year! I think this year’s giveaway is even better! I have three prizes for you so there will be three giveaways instead of one big one!

This year, I’m giving away a personalized set of stationary from The Polka Dot Posie Print Shop il_570xN.568452750_5zkl

three handmade seasonal hair bows made by my friend Dani, and a handmade cupcake ornament made by me.

Thursday Stream of Mind

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thursday stream of mind

The last week of October was not fun! I had every intention of finishing my 31 family friendly vacations series, but I ended up not getting to it. My family had to say goodbye to my grandmother. That’s why I haven’t posted in three weeks! It’s been hard getting back to a somewhat normal blog posting schedule! I have been working on a post about her and it will be up sometime in the next couple weeks!

I will get my 31 family friendly vacations posts finished though! It just might be in January though since I have a lot planned for the next few weeks for the holiday season!

I have a few awesome post ideas for the holidays this year! One of my favorites is going to be a cookie series. I’m making three of my grandma’s cookie recipes instead of my usual cookie recipes this year! I’ll be making monster cookies for the first time since her passing, gingersnaps, and peanut butter cookies. I usually make peanut butter blossoms, but this year I wanted to use her recipes because it just feels right!

Another post has to do with the nativity. I collect nativity sets. I get a new one every year. This year, my new nativity isn’t new. It was my grandma’s. My mom made it for her and it was given to me this year.

I’m sitting here watching Thursday night football realizing that I said I was going to have this post done hours ago! Oops! I guess that happens sometimes though huh!

That’s my stream of mind for this Thursday! Next week, I’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off since it’s obviously Thanksgiving weekend! We will be getting out the decorations and starting to put them around the house!

Boone Hall Plantation

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Boone Hall is a plantation just outside of Charleston South Carolina. It is a beautiful farm that is still in use today!


The plantation is one of the longest  continuously operated farms in America. It has been growing crops for over 320 years!

SDC12012The cotton dock is where the cotton was loaded onto boats.

SDC12019The Avenue of Oaks is a beautiful drive up to the house! It is so peaceful!


Andersonville Cemetery

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SDC11153Andersonville National Cemetery in Andersonville GA is amazing! This cemetery is on the same grounds as the prison camp. In fact, it’s right before the prison camp. There’s so many sections of graves in this cemetery of soldiers from all wars.


Andersonville is also home to the National Prisoner of War Museum. I didn’t take any pictures in the museum since it wasn’t allowed, but it was such a humbling experience to see a little glimpse into what the prisoners may have gone through. The museum has sections of each war and talks about what the situations were for each war.

Atlanta GA

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Atlanta has so much history that it’s hard to put it all in one post!


Atlanta is the home of the Martin Luther King Center. This is where you can see the history of the civil war movement and Martin Luther King’s legacy. 800px-Tombstone_for_Martin_Luther_King_&_Coretta_Scott_King_at_MLK_Historic_Site_in_Atlanta

 The Carter Center focuses on Peace and human rights! It was founded by President Carter to bring awareness to peace and humanity. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library is also in Atlanta. At the library you can learn about his presidency and see items from it as well! cc

As you may know, Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola! There is a museum called World of Coke that you can learn about the history of Coca-Cola, see how it’s made, and taste different flavors from around the world! You can also get your picture taken with a Coca-Cola bear! world-of-coke-building

Atlanta has sports teams as well and hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996. Atlanta is home to the MLB team the Braves, NFL team Falcons, the NBA team Hawks, and WNBA team Dream. We are Braves fans in this house so we have been to many baseball games over the years! SDC11869This is the entrance to what is now Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves. Back in 1996 during the Olympics, Turner Field was used for the opening ceremony. It was called Olympic Stadium and used for track and field events as well as the closing ceremony!

SDC11870 This is right beside the entrance. It is the caldron for the Olympic flame! It was right beside Olympic Stadium, but was moved when the stadium became Turner Field.

SDC10916The Braves will be leaving Turner Field in 2016 and moving to a new stadium! It will be hard to say goodbye to 715 Hank Aaron Drive. That’s the address of Turner Field. It was given that to honor Hank Aaron’s 715 career home runs.

As you can see Atlanta is a great place for a vacation! I hope you can come visit soon!


Jacksonville FL

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You wouldn’t think that Jacksonville FL would be a vacation destination, but when you go visit to see your favorite football team play for the first time then it is a big deal. In 2013, Mr. RCGG surprised me with tickets to go to the Colts and Jaguars game in Jacksonville.



Jacksonville’s football team is the Jaguars. They are the only professional sports team in Jacksonville.

The city also has a really pretty riverfront landing.




Old Fort Jackson GA

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Old Fort Jackson is in Savannah GA. It was built between 1808 and 1812. It was used during the war of 1812  and the Civil War.

Old Fort Jackson is so much fun to go visit. When we went they were having rifle and cannon demonstrations. There weren’t a lot of people there and we got to participate in the cannon demo.

Old Fort Jackson is on the river going into the Savannah port. Every big cargo ship that goes by is “saluted” by the fort. The fort re-enactors  fire the cannon in the picture above to say HI to the ship’s crew!